True Love

"Fucking bitch?"

Don't make me laugh,

You don't have enough emotion to understand,

The power of a curse word,

How it can cut through a soul like a knife.

All I ever did was love you,

And you threw it back in my face.

You threw me on the floor and stabbed me in the back,

You thought your harsh words would put me in my place.

But I'll grow and I'll stand tall,

While you're crawling up the walls,

And you're trying to breathe and escape this nightmare.

Maybe you'll get her back,

Do you think that I'll care?

Because at the end of the day - it'll always be there.

It'll tap on your shoulder,

One day when you're old...

It'll want to know why you were so cold.

Why you didn't,


Couldn't love it...

Well I could answer that.

Because the only thing you love is yourself,

You're your own true love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote it because, sadly, I got fooled and I don't like reading this poem. Only three people know what it's really about. Obviously about a break up. But something much more sinister, too. =[

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