Morgue Rat

Scuttling in through a creaking door,

Shadows are the only witness to my crime,

I pull you out from your frozen drawer,

Licking my lips I run my finger through the grime,

Grinning. Hungrily thinking, 'You're mine'.

Climbing on top of you,

Blood oozes slowly from the corner of your lip,

You touch me how I want you to,

Lying still and lacking violent grip.

Taking charge I have my way with you,

And your stiff coldness makes me shiver,

Fulfilling me. Imaginging...

That your bottom lip begins to quiver.

Ecstatic and erratic.

Pshycotic and mentally resigned.

I'm just another Morgue Rat,

Don't try to comprehend my mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you can understand this then you're as warped as I am for writing it! Lmao.

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