Love Never Wanted Me

You were the one with which I trusted my life with,

The one I would die for,

I'd do anything to take your pain away,

And I thought you felt the same,

But now I'm not sure


Love never wanted me.

Everything is a mess and you really confuse me,

Maybe I wasn't that important to you?

Maybe you just needed someone to save you for a while?

But now you found someone else to share your pain with.

Maybe I was your pain.

Maybe I was a game.

Someone else who would do anything to see you happy.

So you don't need me anymore, I guess...

Love never wanted me.

I never thought I would lose you.

Never thought I would stand alone again,

But it feels like you're slipping away from me.

There's nothing I can do to stop it.

Love never wanted me.

I tried, I really tried,

But nothing worked.

Tried to talk to you but I couldn't,

Choking on my words but can't say it.

Is this the end?

Are we falling apart?

Please tell me I'm wrong.

Please let me know you need me.

Without you I'm empty.

I guess love never wanted me.

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