The gold hearted boy with the gold shaded hair,

Ripped out her heart and left it there,

Drowning in its own pool of blood,

Stood on it and laughed as it gathered a flood,

Broken hearts are just a game,

The ex girl and next girl are just the same,

Meaningless fun to you and a loving night for her,

Just pray that another mistake doesn't occur,

He didn't cheat on her but what the hell does that mean?

That he actually cared or none of the exes were keen?

The chances she took and the chances she missed,

Meant nothing soon after the day they first kissed,

That magical night she could've walked on air,

Little did she know: he didn't even care,

Back to bed that night with the next number on his mind,

Just remember golden boy - the next one might not be kind,

She might hate you. Abuse you. Tear you apart,

But you deserve it for what you did to her heart.

I loved the boy with the golden shaded hair,

And I think I always will,

He's as beautiful as the devil,

And addictive as a pill...

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