Mix-Tape Of Emotions.


Rewind back to the start,

Plaster off my broken heart.

Pause the moment where I was happy,

Open my heart; I'll give you the key,

Now let's fly back to when I was great,

Smart and talented, there was no hate.

I wish we could do it over.

I wish we could do it over.

Let's pretend I'm better than the girl in the mirror,

Rewind back to the start,

Where the pain was distant from my heart,

Fast forward to the end.

Me, alone in a hopeless bed,

Let's just press stop, rewind,

Record it over, better this time...

Let's pretend that everything's gonna be okay.

You look at me like that, what am I meant to say?

You stare, murder in your eyes,

And still I swallow your lies.

What made, you feel, this way?

What made, you want, to turn around?



We'll pretend everything's gonna be okay...

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