I Love You ... I Love You Not

The way you look when we're getting hot,

Arguing or sharing our every thought,

The way I want you all day - all night,

The way my spine tingles with delight,

When you touch me up and down my back,

You do it when we're out - sneaky - I like that,

The way I've put all my dreams into your trust,

I've given my heart, my love and my lust,

I wanted your attention and from you that's what I've got.

I love you baby,

Or do I love you not?

The way you drive me mad with all the fucking rumours,

And when I ask you about it you tell me not to listen,

I know they're not your fault as you're such a drug,

But when you try to put me off you really start to bug,

We both know how you can fill me with ecstacy,

But is that enough to love you completely?

You make me so free and then close me back in,

You make me feel like just talking to you is a sin,

And at times I think I love you,

I really do you know.

I love you so,

Or do I love you not?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was confused whether I felt love or lust towards him.

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