Cold Feet

You're giving yourself cold feet,

Because of what you're feeling for me,

My kisses are so sweet,

And it's scaring you how much you want to be,

My angel, my baby, my bitch and my whore,

I gave you a taste back then,

And you came back for more,

So now you're trying to find a reason to escape,

And you can use that reason all you like,

I am your fate.

We both know it's true,

Him, Her and You,

But I'm not scared,

And not pressuring you to stay,

Because you'll do that any way.

Nice distractions will always come along,

That's called variation of life,

Try everything at the buffet,

Before settling down with your main course,


You hate the way I make everything sound so sorded,

But it's only because it turns you on,

You know it.

So go get your cold feet wet,

And catch a cold while you're there,

I can't guarentee I'll still be there,

To pick you up like I was before,

But that's fair enough,

As you'll always be a whore.

When the next Susie comes along,

Try to pretend she's me and be strong,

You've tasted the worst,

You've tasted the best,

Now get your feet wet,

Put yourself to the test.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

He couldn't ever leave me.

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