Common Connection

I look into the eyes,

Of my most hated enemy.

Giving her the glance over,

I hate everything I see.

I catch her tiny imperfections,

And critisise her every curve.

I catch myself envying her,

Cause she's with a man she doesn't deserve.

No one sees her the way I do,

They don't see in her disguise,

They all think she's happy,

But I see all too well the pain in her eyes.

I see her desperation,

And her malicious insecurity,

It flashes in her eyes

Everytime she looks at me.

I'm the one person she can't hide from,

Cause I'm always there,

But after a while she deals with it,

Pretending she doesn't care.

So many times she'll catch my gaze,

And our eyes make that common connection,

But soon she has to turn around,

And walk away from her reflection.

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