Test of her Lies

She sits him down with trembling hands

and prays to God he'll understand

but he's not foolish, and shows it well

and he knows she's got truth to tell

She'll look him deep into the eyes

but prays he won't anger of her lies

after she's done he looks blank and dazed

and he can't help but feel betrayed

and in his mind he writhes in rejection

as he pictures her now in all her perfection

and now dependent on  this deception

maybe now he will learn his lesson

he gets up to leave and her heart beats panic

she's so scared that he'll leave and not understand it

pleases she will beg, but no good it will do

because he's finally learned from being a fool

"You broke me" he says- with shameful eyes

and you lied and shattered all of my pride

she trieed to explain but knew he was done

he was on to honesty in his freedom

now she lays there, broken by her own lies

and nothing will help no matter how hard she tries

he said he'd love her until he died

but gone is he now for the rest of her life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like this poem because I tried to make a little more complicated of words rhyme. instead of all the easy stuff like i usually do. i also like it because i think it explains well how hard it is to tell someone you love that you made a huge mistake.

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