Intelligent or Ignorant

I want to forget all the noise that surrounds me

Cries of hate

Words of endearment

Encouraging garbles 

Used to achieve ones own desire

I am concerned with the lack of genuine compassion

And how passion has been dumb down

By our concern for others opinions

A metaphysical fact only holds true when relatable

So why are you always right?

Why does it matter?

You are always right to your self

But it is only relevant among others who share interests

We are different in that we are the same

In the sense that we are all right and wrong

Dependent on the people who surround us

But lies do surround me

I know this for sure

Because when a person lives an opinionative life

Based on how others feel

You are lying to yourself

And you are lying to others

Nothing is original

But to stand on someone else intelligence

Instead of exploring your own mind

Is what makes them seem intelligent to you

Facts about things that are happening or have happened

Are nothing but trivia

And though it’s nice to be knowledgeable 

The stronger mind will soon be bored of what is happening

Or has happened

And will start to ask questions

These are my facts that hold true to me


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