Mind On Run

The mind of one, to know what to be done.

Focus of thoughts, wanting to run.

Sight of truth, visions moving along.

Not one right thing or yet wrong, scrolling about with this fatal song.

Life of confusing thoughts inside my mind, the thoughts of running away and suicide.

Wanting to hide, sip down cyanide, my thoughts are coming, but nowhere to hide.

No matter how many tears I've cried, or how people that have relied, not knowing how to communicate so our thoughts collide.

Losing notion of whats to be done, where I break down and see the pride.

Hope to know where I went wrong and know why people lied.

I'm just here in my feelings, finding out what that even means,

trapped in my mind sowing the seams, fallen dreams.

Portal of hell where my corpse leans.

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