The Raging Creation

Tears fall for the ones that I love and care for, to wish to offer a hand, a way to open shut doors.

Magical ways to heal wounds from the unseen mortars, the ones that we are faced with by the beholders, it smolders.

The pain inside while being one of the mortals, this is ruthless, tasteless, where is my creations, I didn't make this!

Damnation of the mind, as I'm a creator from eternal bliss, waking up from my previous life wondering what did I miss.

I want to make sense of where I went wrong, doing my best trying to write this poem, to understand where all this pain is coming from.

Why must this happen now in the sense what I understand, I wish to float away from this existence with my love, and create a new realm with our own molds from our spiritual hands.

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