Scars on my body,
fuck you, you're nobody.

It's time to man up,
pussy nigga, tearing up.

Guess you gave in,
show em you can win.

Fists in the air,
I will call your dare.

I'll be the strength of both of us,
feeling disgrace and disgust.

I thought you were a man,
now we'll see who will stand.

Don't even ask me why?
Tonight I'm not afraid to die.

I must be on some crazy shit,
Don't even care, you take the first hit.

Who do you fear,
tonight your baby's not here.

I will string up, easily slit your throat,
I'm not trying to brag, just here to gloat.

There will be girls slapping the high fives,
even they know tonight was your time to die.

See you in hell,
better than jail.

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