Dependable Depression

You say you can never count on me
Well you can always count on me to let you down
All you can do is sit and preach
While you watch my world turn inside out
I can hear what you're saying
You don't have to shout
It's not that I'm not listening
I just don't care
This life is a prison
And I'm not one to be bound by despair
The icy clutch of a world so cold
With no desire to grow old
Don't question my motives
They're not yours to rebuke
If I have to stay on this planet one more day
I'm going to puke
All over your lies
The web that you weave, to justify
Lives in anguish, grasping for hope
While you kick the stool from beneath
And wait for the lurch of the rope
The following silence
Seems almost timeless
Counting the seconds until the next tragedy
All you can do is sit and stare at me
Searching these lifeless eyes for answers
The world outside,
Consumed my soul like cancer
While self destructive thoughts
Would drift across my mind like a ballet dancer
That graceful darkness, hearkens to
Compunctions of conscience
The tiny voices that tell you, you've got it all wrong
Well, surely I don't, I'm just not that strong
I'll wear these horns like a crown
Proudly displaying evidence of the fall
Using torment and despair to build this wall
Impenetrable by nature
Now I'm bound
By your nomenclature
Sick, disturbed, depressed
You've got it wrong, I just refuse to live like the rest
With bobbles and beads to distract you from their evil deeds
Their presents can never mask the presence
Of a world so cold
Happiness has no way to take hold
And I won't wait to leave
Until I'm too old
To make believe
The illusion of hope
You can't fool me, I know life is just a sick joke
The superficial waiting, for me to choke
It's time to end the session
I know I can always count on you
Dependable depression

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