Musical Inspiration

Old stuff

is there a doctor in the house
we need an operator
someone to unplug the wires in my head
and end all these sigals

such a feeling as suicide
maybe nothing else can beat it
but instead of just embracing it
lets just bury it with troubles

im your teddy bear, just hug me, hug me baby
talk to me, tell me what's wrong
no, nothing wrong with me, im only here for you
i want to scream but i have no mouth

the pills they shine, oh how they glisten
sitting on my counter, oh i shall listen
the blades in my desk, the cord on my dresser
all point to the one thing, that i don't want

so what say you, all you out there
with your all problems and fears?
he doesn't love you? he cuts your heart out?
you don't know it, but you cut his out as well

so leave this teddy bear be
let him talk himself to sleep
just drop him there, right by your side
and let him drift out into space

so tell me, what do i have to do
to carve out these thoughts
and show you what they are
but oh i know exactly what you are thinking

your thinking im so nice, and im so bland
im so selfish, if only you saw it
anything at all, just to keep me satisfied
all i want is for you to tell me

what do i have to do?

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