Agonizing defeat

Old stuff

Tears splash on the keyboard
They sting my eyes
Droplets hit the desk
They harmonize with my cries
Every breath is deep
Stabs me in the lungs
Why did you kick me
Down all those rungs...
Why do I have to think
Of nights better left alone
When I have no one here
Here to call my own
I push the blade deeper
It's only a metaphor
There is no blood at all
But I am still the whore
I won't cut myself
Never, not again
You made me do it twice
That was where I've been
You don't even care
What I feel or think
You put me into therapy
You made me see a shrink

Author's Notes/Comments: 

July 4, 2003 To the vine that grew on this tree, and used it for all it had. Fuck you bitch.

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