Cheap Alcohol and Gasoline Fumes

Old stuff

My world crashes down
There is not a sound
Lightning flashes twice
Now all gather round

As I spin this tale
Of love and deceit
Where lover's have quarrels
And they get no receipt

They can't return their troubles
No store credit, no dice
This was a gift
So they didn't pay the price

But now they do
Oh how they pay their dues
With cheap alcohol
And gasoline fumes

A single spark ignites it
A fight lead to a hit
He decked her in the face
Now her lip is all split

So she presses charges
And he is now broke
A pathetic little lifeform
A mindless old bloke

She's on wellfare
And selling herself short
Working on her back
To buy some Newports

So what's the moral to the story?
What should we learn from this tale?
That if your gonna get involved
Just be prepared to fail

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