Just a Dud

Old stuff

The stench of good
The scent of bad
It was all
In the life I had

Everything balanced
Tidy as can be
But then it happened
Listen up, this part is key

Instead of having
A normal life
You know the kind
Two children and a wife

Well, I'll probably die
Before I hit thirty
Laying dead in a house
Which will probably be dirty

Death broughten by
My own hand, of course
And down those stairs of mine
My blood, like a river, pours

I'll paint the town red
With my own life blood
Thinking of how
I'm just a fucking dud

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ah, when one makes decisions trusting other ones would be made... and then the seconday decisions aren't made... one's life goes askew... I'm sorry everyone, pelase forgive me. 11-24-02

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