Awakened Reality

Old stuff

I am not be the man you want
But I am the man you need
I may not be the God you see
But like a man I bleed

I sit and try to help you live
Your life, as full as it can be
I try to stop your hurtful acts
And you just spit on me

You ask me why do I care
And yet I don't think I've ever told you
That your my bestest friend in the whole wide world
The one person, that when I'm down, I can hold to

No matter what, you've been there for me
And yes I know, sometimes you hurt me
But in that process, you released me
From this dork of a man, this man was born

So thank you for that short painful glimpse
Into what we know as "Reality"
It opened my eyes to what really matters
To live life to it's fullest, due to mortality

Author's Notes/Comments: 

12/1/02 1:16am

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