The New Me?

The memories don't haunt me

They don't plague my sleep no more

So I know I'm done

With that chapter of my life

But then I think back

"Wow, I was happy."

And then I look at me now

And I realize, I'm happy now too

They are different kinds, yes

But I'm new now

I'm not Brandon anymore

Brandon died in the Summer

He fell off the tree, and in Autumn was blown away

Now Bran is here, the guy I always wished I was

The guy who does the stuff he wants

The guy who doesn't care

Yet I do care

And I still hold things sacred

But now I have learned life's little lessons

Or at least some of them anyway

And I have adapted to my new life

Of girls, of sex, of pills

My life has changed so drastically from just four months ago

It's weird to think that in July, a small three months ago

I was so different

I felt so different

If that me then, saw this me now

I wouldn't beleive it

I would be shocked and in disbelief

I wouldn't WANT to beleive it

But I am me now

I'm no longer society's

Fuck their stupid rules

Fuck their stupid sterotypes

Fuck their stupid cliches

Fuck them all

Just toss me a bottle

And I'll be alright

Just toss me a bottle

And I'll be alright

Author's Notes/Comments: 

who the fuck knows.... 10-12-02

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