Like a Dove

I feel real bad

Bad indeed

But it's my fault

I planted the seeds

I gave myself the idea

Now my mind is going to work

To make myself bipolar

And stab myself with a fork

Forks hurt a lot

Trust me on this one

Their almost blunt

But skin, they take some

Bruised is all I am

Outside and inside

Emotionally and pyshically

I ain't even shy

I've changed

But for the better? Or for the worse

This god damned changing

Is just a curse

More girls like me

And I like some

But the ones I like

Just think that I'm dumb

And the one that I love

With all of my heart

Is off to herself

I'm down at the start

I just wish that I knew

My future with love

So that I can be free

Like the peaceful white dove

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