To Cat (8-29-02)

I try to hide it

By busying myself

I pick my emotions up

And put them on the shelf

I try to move on

I try, I swear it

But everytime I try

Cupid's arrow doth me hit

I know you love George

I wouldn't change that if I could

I just want you to love me again

I just know that you should

My love for you

It never burns out

I have tried yet

It just ends in a shout

I cannot deny

No more pain for me

You know I'll always love you

And I know you might love me

I've tried to move on

Try to date others

But it won't work

I feel like their brothers

Like I said before

You don't have to ditch George

I just wish that you could

Put away your flaming hot scourge

I didn't mind it when

The number you loved was two

I just wished that my love

Was returned by my love, by you

But you say I'm annoying

That I get on your nerves

But no girl gets me going

All I can see are your curves

Nobody knows me

The way that you do

And I feel that I know you

As much as I needed to

You told me your life

And you shared with me your strife

I comforted you

When you wanted to

When you needed to

I was there

You felt safe with me

I hope you still do

You called me recently

When your mom messed with you

So you still need me

But as a friend or as a love

I'll be there as a friend

If that's all that I can be

So I'll be here

While you live on

Just please remember me

To fall back on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Um this was written on the 29th (duh) It seems pretty obvious to me....

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