Song 1

Your love i was

Your friend i am

I've done everything

That i know i can

I've tried my best

I've done my worst

I'll let you go

While ill stay cursed

To live alone

Or to be with you

Its all your choice

To put me through

I'll be your friend

From now till then

Through thick and thin

Like next of kin

I love you more

With every passing day

It hurts me so

To stay away

But ill be here

For you you see

So please dont cry

Don't cry cuz me

You start to feel better

You dry your eyes

Then we split

And i start to die

That love inside

That burned so deep

Has burned away

But yet i keep

The ashes from it

The embers they glow

For maybe you'll love me

Once you get to know (me)

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