Bored bored bored

As a board board board

As my good old saying goes

As i sit here

Not twidling my thumbs

But sitting here twiddling my toes

With nothing to do

And noone here

I look around, do i dare?

So i log on

And go to the site

Where all others have their fear

I play with it

And i pet it

Oh how does it grow big!

But now it is sick

And tired and bloated

Oh dear, oh damn, woes of me!

So i help it out

Try to make it better

Will my lil guy be alright?

My poor lil neopet

He's real sick

But thank god, for he can never die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ummmm I was bored? o.O don't hate me for my neopets....

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