In my sleep she haunts me

In my dreams it's bliss

She leans on over to me

And draws me in with a kiss

Her soft lips on mine

That taste ever so sweet

But then I feel it, and try to scream

Yet nay, I make not a peep

I feel my soul

My very being

Being sucked dry from my body

As I feel my heart recieved

Not taken, for I gave it freely

To the one with the jade eyes

As green as the pale green sea

The Temptress who controls my passion

The Seducer that controls my being

The Sucubus that owns my soul

The Lover that has my heart

As I sing with glee

I have found the one for me

The one, yes I've found

I have found the one for me

Oh yes sir-e-bob!

I shall keep this one

For she's a keeper

To keep through thick and thin

She has a place in me

In the heart, deep in me, within

And then I too

Become a demon

And live through eternity with her

She has made me into a man

From what was once a cur

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Caitlin ;)

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