UtTeRs Of A mAdMaN

Throughout my life, it has been cross

My mind wanders about, as though it was tossed

My luck is bad, more often than not

My life has been hell, but have I been caught

Love is rare, you create it yourself

Am I narcasistic, in love with myslef

A friend said I'm conceited, but I cannot be

For, if I were, I'm sure, I'd lose my sanity

My social life sucks, if one exists

My mom wants me to get one, she even insists

But I'm not a people person, although I may turn a head

But if I am mad, can I admit it

Is it even possible, or should I just fuck it

If you say your mad, it cannot be

For no one can admit to insanity

No one that is.......but me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I realized I wasn't sane...I do not know when.

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