The day opens anew, my curtains open wide

I wince from the pain, I curse over my side

I struggle to get up, to kill the annoying clock

When I stand up, if feels like my head's docked

I get in the shower, the hot water revitalizing my body and mind

I get out and dry, I walk back into my room, and think of the kind

Of clothes I should wear, but the colors bring back new pain

Whenever I look up, God hits me with his horrible cane

I tighten my fist, but my mouth and expression never fault

'Cuz I've lived my life as one big emotionless vault

Like a blackhole, I suck all who come near

My friends and family, all who I hold dear

I suffer in silence, and boy would I be rich

Just it feels like on my head is this fat bitch

I walk into school, my head bowed in shame

I'm really surprised I mustered the strength and came

I pop a pill, hoping to feel numb

But boy did I screw up, boy am I dumb

The pain killer doesn't help at all

Don't worry about me little doll

I'm used to this pain, I was born with this pain

Throughout my life, there has been pain

Whether emotional, like when my dog died

Or when I got shocked and got my wrist fried

It matters so little to me

But one day, I will have to find the key

And release onto the world all this anguish and pain

I only hope that I remain sane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

migraines started around here...

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