Getting High

I see the druggy looking all pouty. But in his eyes I see, they're all cloudy. I can relate, yeah you bet I can. I get high, you bet I do. I snap on my blades, and I take off. I concentrate on the music, and nothing else. I find myself in places that have held meaning in my life. My old neighborhood, a school I should have attended. A girl's house who I had a crush on, or the place where I first kissed. When I go out, I hold the world in my hands. That rush of adrenaline when I just fly down the road. Sky diving, or bungee jumping can never match it. All I know is that I got some tunes in my head, and everything else is gone. My worries leave me; my heart skips a beat. But then the high stops, my wheels stop. My worries return, all the doubts back in full force. My heart falls back into its steady drone. And all I can think of is how I wanna get high again...

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