Confessions from my soul

How do I tell thee pray tell

How you stole my heart and then I fell

In love with you with perfect bliss

I shut my eyes and imagine our kiss

How do you confess the secrets of your soul?

To the impossible, the one who stole

My utter being away from me

Why, oh why and woes of me

Between your breasts and around your neck

Lies my cheap present, which you kept

I gave it to you on that night

When I took in that marvelous sight

You, just nude, bare with no clothes

Giving me a tasteful pose

You giggle aloud when you see me blush

I hit my head on the door in my rush

I thought I was dreaming, but I hoped it was true

I wanted it, but didn't expect it from you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ummm....written about an imaginary time o.O

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