I've taken shit for you

I've taken blows from you

I've taken your innocene from you

But I'm sick and tired of taking, so now I'm dishing out.

Instead of just folding, now I push back

If I keep it up, I'll have to pack

My parents make threats, no actual promises

Of what they will to to me

What they want to do to me

My dad is an asshole and a short temper to boot

A low IQ with matching suit

He pushes and shoves yet I take it all

All becuase I love you

With all of my all......

My parents stupidly blame you

When it's all of my fault

I've fallen so deeply

You'd have to scrape me off the walk

I can't fall out of love with you

I like where I am

The memories and thoughts

They're too peaceful to abandon

Without you I'm nothing

But with you the world is mine

I make your world brighter

You cannot deny

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written when I was mad.

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