(Song) Hollow Doll, Eternity

Music (H)

The porcelain face you used to wear before
Shattered like my dreams
Such a fragile doll to protect
Strengths can make you weak
Emptiness of life's great puzzle
Searching for the piece
Revalation nothing fits but my own
Eternity reveals


Spheres like dust, sand in your fingers flow

Time becomes a mirror
There I am, echoing in forever
The dark and light collide


Oh yeah, my hollow doll

Oh yeah, just look, look inside
Oh yeah, my hollow doll
Oh yeah, just look inside, Eternity


And the plan has been exposed
Then our questions become reality
As I drown inside myself
Answers I know I can't escape
Hollow doll, hollow doll, Eternity


With this birth existance becomes transparent
Though my looking glass
And the truth is like a typhon storm
Spinning in the wind
And though I might lose when I have reached the end
I won when I began
Because I found this hollow doll on the ground
I love Eternity


Ignite the fire of the stars and spirits
Burn until collapse
The supernova inside an empty corpse
The broken part of me


Life of universes taken onto me, Oh
Filling the void and then I see you standing there


Oh my hollow girl, oh my Eternity, my doll
Oh my hollow girl, oh my Eternity, my doll, my doll
Oh Eternity, Oh Eternity become a part of me
Oh my doll, become a part of me, become a part of me

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