Dark trap

Dark trap


I don’t want

To melancholy

Catch me again

I can’t let

Guard to be dropped down

And to be slapped in face

By grief

By projected

Negativism of others

Can’t afford

To be knocked down

By burden

Of other people


I don’t need

Thoughts from

Margins of life

Harsh words

Bad tongues

Self made victims

That lives in lies


I don’t want

To be broken

To be messed up

In my mind

Can’t let to be


Part of humanity

From me

To be located

Then relocated

By half humans

Pity excuses

Of leftovers

From someone’s

Psycho experiments

Don’t want to be


From others dark


I don’t need to be

Involved in others

Dark painted images

Of life

I never let my


To sink so deep



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