Fall down

Fall down


Formated in bulk

Raised on painkillers

Hidding identity


Pretend too slow

Working fast

On changing


Then whole world

From first thought

To last rock on earth

Mixing components

In bathroom tub

Sliding pieces

Of explosives

To hell with terrorists

I am the one

The almighty son

Of anarchy

Son of a bitch

Left to starve

By big corporation

Kicked on street

For one tiny mistake

Loose job

Wife house

And kids

Now seeking for


Manny will suffer

Innocent or not

Stuffing into van

Wiring and


Now its time to go

Parking bomb

Into garage

Of big corporate


Thinking about


My mind is calm

Aware of that

I become sadistic

Careless piece

Of shit

Setting timer

Now leave it

And left

Again aware of

Tiny thing that

I will one day

Pay for my

Monstrous crime




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