Bio thirst

Bio thirst


Can’t stand heat

Can’t stand light

Even night is so bright

I must been some kind

Of biotech creature

Forged in lab


Bloodthirsty animal

I feel no pain

Chemicals run through

My veins

My skin probed

Too long attached

To cables

Nothing runs thru my

Wasted brain

Treated with drugs


Thrown on battlefield

To be tested

Because i'm product

Probably replaceable


Urge for killing

Smell of flesh

Torn apart

Dozen of deaths

In seconds

Ripped limbs and guts


Bloody gore

No compassion

No unpleasant feeling

That is removed

From system

Teethes bite

But i’m more and more


Unquenchable thirst

Can’t stop now

Moving forward

Endless hours of horror

Sudden hit

Tranquilizer arrow

Stop me

I’m paralyzed

I’m packed in


And carried back

To lab

Disposed like thing

To wait another turn


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