Hell pits

Hell pits


Grimmest grim

Of them all

Came by

The call

From one

That is tall

But not tough enough

Strong and evil

His whispers were

Above bowl

Of cold ice

He didn’t think twice

Summoned creature

Jumped from the ball

On the wall

Then on floor

Stretch its legs

And rise

Ten feet tall

Gray pale skin

With thorns on


Four bloody eyes

Smell of sulfur

It pointed with finger

And said

You call for me

One person need

To be drowned

In hell

Said witch lord

I will pay you

With souls

Collected from

Powerful opponents

Of mine

He said that

And wave with

His hand

Creature vanishes

In cloud of smoke

And then returns

With blood on skin

And talisman in hand

The proof

It said

Witch lord grab the talisman

And start mumbling spells

Creature screamed

I done my part of deal

You trying to trick me

It opens mouth

And two tentacles

From it reached

Witch lords throat

And rip his head off

Every single soul

Captured in his body


And vanished in

Fire that left

After creature

All to be left

In eternal fire


Of hell pits

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