I never step

On surfboard

In my life

But from time

To time

I ask myself

How it is

To be surfer

True one

In hart

And guts

How does it feel

On sunny day

With 25 Celsius degrees

In shades

To drive in old


Onto beach

Full of gorgeous


In bikinis

And bunch of

Surfer dudes

With surf rock

Playing from speakers

With sand under feet

And beaten up

Surfboard beside

That saw better days

Feeling breeze wind

On skin

Taking slow steps

Toward water

Followed by the looks

From babes

Step into cold water

Confronting first waves

Weaking as they 

Reach shore

Vowing with hands

To center of happening

Looking that perfect



Just waiting

Then you skip few


Again waiting for

That perfect one

And at last he comes

Rolling and tumbling

Like speed train

Toward you

Sudden rush

Attack of adrenaline

Blood boils

Fast hand pedaling

Then turn

To get inline

With wave

Step onto board

And lean forward

For speed

Then magic

That lasts forever

Never-ending moment

In that moment

You are on top

Of the world

Everything is perfect

No troubles

Or worries


Just that perfect moment

Essential of all


Inline with nature

And all living

Almost everyday

I see myself on

That board

In that moment

At that place

And in that


I find my



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