Two black suits

Entered into bar

Searching for one

That started all

Son of drug

Addicted whore

Son of anarchy

Lost in circle

What is good

Or what is wrong

Once agent

Like those who

Hunt him

Bad attitude with

No gratitude

Overtake him

At the edge

Of his nerves

He started mechanism

Of total annihilation

Of destruction of

Everything known



Just another moment

And all will stop

To exist

He was sitting

At counter

Sipping vodka on rocks

He saw them

But didn’t move

Not even one muscle

Just smile stayed

On his face

Smile of calmness

Tranquilness of death

As they approach

He said

Well maybe in

Another life

Then dial number

On phone

Phone ring

Then nothing

Everything stop

World is reseted

Between five 


There was nothing

Two black suits

Entered into bar

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