Buldurs gate

Buldurs gate


Down the rusty stairways

True moldy halls

And stone carved passages

Cated through earth

And mountains

By thousands of pickaxes

And spikes

By hands of mighty


Behind vaults

Full of gold and gems

At lowest point

Of dark pit

Lies Buldurs gate

Forged in steel

Forced with gold

With twenty seven

Locks on it

Guarded with immortal

Tree hell hounds

never to be moved

Never to be blinked

With their bloody eyes

Waving with their

Thorn tails they wait

Gate itself is entrance

In center of

Realm of horrors

And everlasting fire

That burns flesh

To the bones

Screams that make

Ice-cold blood in veins

Bottomless pit

With no return

One entrance with

No escape

Only loop of torment 

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