State of shadows

State of shadows


I walk on these streets

Of this town

Feeling at same time


And alone

Like it is too crowded

And there is nobody around

Trying not to lose myself

But I’m disappearing

In state of shadows

Fading slowly

In loneliness

Surrounded with empty faces

Lost in daily routine

Just shadows from people

Moving around

Pale ghosts

Of past



No interaction

Narrow perception

Deaf dumb and blind

For processes

In their surround

Playground of concrete

Steel and glass

With no purpose

But maybe

I’m ghost too

In their eyes

Lost in their realm

With no chance

Of escape

But inside myself

Escape in void

Of numbness

Just to vegetate

On strange

Unknown planet

Waiting to be


Into another form

Of empty shell

Careless human being

So that can

Stay acceptable

And like others

In state of shadows



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