Who i am

Who I am


I write honest

And sharp words

I make harsh

And noise music

I drive eleven years

Old little car

I live with wife

Two dogs

And one cat

I live in small

Fucked up

And forgotten country

Left to be feast

By vultures

I have been through

Lot of bad

Also good things

But I don’t complain

I learn how to have

My self-esteem

My courage

And I walk fearless

Through this life

Still learning

How to help others

To stay on their path

How to contribute

Positive to society

How to leave world

A better place

For those who

Are yet to come on it

Every day is another


Another fight

I try not to blew it

Not to waste it

I try to stay focused

To look above


It is hard

But I won’t let

To be broken

That’s who I am





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