Burger killer

Burger killer


I always loved burgers

As I was little

My parents always took me

To McDonalds for burgers

Or some domestic fast-food

Makers to get some pljeskavica

I loved that full taste

Of grilled meat

With onion and salad

And mustard and ketchup

In fresh bun

With coke or juice

Or with beer when I was older


This weekend I was

At visit to my friend

His father has a farm

Of cows and pigs

So we went there

For some country tourism

Fresh air

Water from well

Something that makes you

Question what we are

Doin’ in cities

Chickens picking some corn

Pigs eating something something

And wiggling their tails

Cows eating grass at pasture

Some idyllic images to see

My friend’s father

Also makes sausages and

Other stuff from cow and pig meat

All the good things

That I love to eat

Just at that time

He was starting

His procedure of making

As I never saw

Something likes that

I was curious and interested

First in line was one pig

Middle sized

About 100 kg I would say

It made some terrible squeaky noise

Everything went fast

Hammer in head hit the pig

Then knife hit the pig’s throat

Too much blood

Then pig was gutted

Everything went out

Then hanged upside-down

And cut into pieces

Second was this one cow

Again same method

Even more blood

And disemboweled of parts

I get sick

I throw up

Dizzy in head

That was it

From that day I didn’t

Look at burgers with

Same eyes

Can’t eat them

Can’t even smell them

That kind of stuff

Leaves marks

And change thoughts

No more burgers for me

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