i have been here for long

too long

i’m whisper in the breeze

i’m dirt beneath your feet

i’m the cloud in the sky

i’m snow on the top of the mountain

i’m that river that runs

from its spring

true wood

i’m that hart that

beats in every little

creature in wilderness

i’m the air you breathe

i’m that beautiful flower

and that green tree

i’m that morning light

and evening sunset

i’m that rain for your crops

i’m that salt in sea

that plankton in ocean

i’m all that make your

existence pleasant

but also


i’m that burning air

that magma from the center

i’m that earthquake

that makes you stumble

that tsunami that

flood your home

i’m that fire that

burn your plants and houses

i’m that avalanche

i’m that drought

i’m that struck of

lightning in worst storm

i’m big shark from

bottom of the ocean

i’m that bird that shit on you

i’m that snow that makes

collapse of everything

i can be your best friend

and I can be your worst enemy

if you don’t tread me right

in that case I will tear you apart