Amy W

Amy W


How easily we have

Been blown away

At first

By others

At second

If we are not

Strong enough

By ourselves

We don’t float

We sink

We drown

Flooded by our own bravery

To be self destroyed

In suicide mission

Toward fame and glory

In front of paparazzi flash

Pressure strangled talent

But voice remains in the air

Petrified little girl

In the figure of an angel

Unique in vivid existence

Stuck in personal hell


No rehab

Couldn’t beat her self

Inner daemons

Struck by vultures

Too weak

To beat habit

Heart too big

For this world

Just wanted

To be left alone

Inside her own

China wall

That was

Torn apart

By greedy media

Fighting for one shot more

It all stopped

Just there

Where all

Just should



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