(Don't)Stand in line

(Don’t) Stand in line


Yellow line

From side to side

Please stand behind it

And fill these applications

By your hand

Few pages

Full of questions

That accuses me

As low life




And under rated

From paper

Printed by state

That keeps maintenance

The system

That put you

Below that paper

Denying your existence

Electro shocked you

To stay alive

As drone


Not to think

Not too ask

Just to be good clerk

At their banks and factories

Wear blue collar

Pay bills

And tax

Watch news

And realities

Go to games

And eat burgers

Then get sick

And pay medical bills

Teach your children

To do the same

Groundhog Day

That lasts thru all humanity

Same thing over and over

But just fill that form

Get your number

And stay in line

Wait your turn

Be same

Be safe

Or get up

And open your eyes

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