Ovu pesmu posvecujem dobrom drugu,lafu u srcu i velikom coveku koji vise nije sa nama

this poem i dedicate to my good friend and a great man that is no longer with us

Rip bro


We live

Mostly by our will

We die

Mostly by our hand

propelled forward

To the brick wall

Mostly by our stupidity

Empty shell

Sees no sun

No light at the end of tunnel

Mindles we take encouraged

Step into abyss

Empty hollow

Limbo existence

Suffered from inside to outside

Untold and unwaken

Totaly blind

Unpurified with fire of life

Without hard and thick shell

We leave this world


Nobody told us

Maybe they care

But who hears

Calls for help

Scream stucked in throat

Heart petrified

Stone cold

Just need to be lefted alone

In straight line of happiness

Happiness that would

Never be bought

Never touched by calm thoughts

Never to be rested

Are we cowards

Are we heroes

Or scared little creatures

Under the doom of night

Waiting to be saved

Waiting forever

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