One man fight


One man fight


Sometimes you need to

Start your own war

To roll boulder up the hill

To win some battles

Also to lose some

But you need to fight

Fight to not become

Same as others

Same as those low life souls

Sold for pennies

Sold for drink

Those souls that try

To crush you down into dust

Into powder under their boots

You need to be yourself

To be alive

Not to put them into control of your life

Not to let them

To destroy your dreams

Your dignity

Your humanity

Try to keep that spark

That makes you you

On that way you

Maybe will loose

Some teeth

Some fake friends

Some human leeches

That sucks your energy

Suck life from you

But that’s ok

You don’t need them

You will gain some self-esteem

Self respect

Some credibility

From those that

Really is worth

Of your time

You will learn some new things

Meet some new friends

You will find some respect

On that path

You are the leader

The one who makes

His own fortune

You are the chosen one

By yourself for yourself

To lead yourself

Into better tomorrow

So fight that fight

Don’t be soft

You can lose some battle

But you will win the war

Your war

War to tell about