Firmly we step out

And stand directly in shit

Oops our mistake

Then down the street into pub

Cold beer

Then second, then third

Uuuuu, salty snacks

Then fifth, then eleventh

We started talking about life

Heavy philosophy

Some girls came by

Just to say hi

Philosophy stops

Again boozing

Then some football fans came

Too loud, too rude

Already drunk

Suppose there was some big game

Or something

Salty snacks again

Girls are too early drunk

But that was ok for us

Laugh, happy feelings

Some good vibes

Than my brother started fight

With football fans, of course

He didn’t liked football that much

But hey

He just needed reason

So we went into fight

Some fists and kicks were given

Some tooth broken

Some bruises made

Then we all drinked and

Laugh together

We let some steam out

So we call it for that night

I take two girls to their home

And sad goodbye

With promise to see them again


Both were cute

Simple girls

Those that don’t give headaches

I went home and go to bed

Some pain from bruises

Leftovers from fight

I thought to miself

What a wonderful world

I keep it that way

And didn’t call that waste of

Time and youth

Not until somebody offered me

Something different

They blackmailed me

With their vision and way

Of living life







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