Tosset cake life

Tosset cake life


In a large bowl for party

I invited 500g of plain flour

Also 150g of caster sugar

Then 500g softened unsalted butter came

We squeezed, tumbled and rumbled

Until sugar is gone

Then one heaped teaspoon  of

Caraway seed came

Soon after also one heaped teaspoon

Of coriander seeds drop by

They already have been crushed

At some other party

Totally crushed into fine powder

But they soon cheered up

And mixed with us rest just fine

Party starts again

Then heating went off

And we spent whole one hour at cold

We were squashed as flat pancakes

Heating were back again

It gone up to 180 C

We were toasted

Then cooled

Sprinkled with caster sugar

Then served




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