so frozen


so frozen

when a window doesn't has a hand

when a hand doesn't has a band

so frozen

everytime passing seems a space

even no little straight to trace

so frozen

that inside all of bloods of fights

where the stones of the sick delights

so frozen

drops come up drops come down together

differences between shell and leather

so frozen

kiss two lips kiss two cheeks no matter

no more deeps till separating is cutter

so frozen

world owns all the lawns i'm needing

lonely moments lovely seconds is feeding

so frozen

only one when i see that mirror

like a sun but a ghost of horror

so frozen

all i had all i feel so frozen

all i want all i deal so frozen

all  sick all  heal so frozen

all cars all wheels so frozen

still tomorrow like today so frozen

still the sorrow with no way is so frozen

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