The way you act


These minutes I put my hand on face

Move them over it and look if it's clear

If there is a good vision to see a gain

If my suffering comes a gain

These minutes I can say I never forget

I've never been a lone I bet

I don't feel like I'm blind so you are far

These tears I have already since I met you

Tears of joy, tears of happiness tears

Tears of misery, tears of sadness tears

These, the word that makes my letters rain

These, the meaning always I suppose to say

These, the taste of cheese for the poors

These, the calls of helps of the moons

I don't choose to be sad

I don't wish to be glad

I don't worry of all that

When you always use to fall

I only know without fault

You are not a mankind

I only feel when I thought

The way you act means this is you

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